I was born 11th of September 1959, in Prague.

I paint images that come from a spiritual dimension and which through intuition I form into their final shape.

I work with structural pastels and sealants, acrylic, oil and water colours, dry pastel and coloured pencils. I combine many different materials and techniques.

My further works include painting on textiles and silks, tie - dye, painting on glass, encaustic/hot wax painting/, lace collages, stained glass, sewn dolls, and poetry. Encouraged by friends, I have published seven volumes of poetry: "Flowers of the Soul"  2009, "Heavenly Flowers"  2010 and "Fragments of Being"  2011," Beads of Hope" 2013, "From the ear to the heart, from God to us" , "Non nobis Domine"  2014, "Encounter at heart" 2016.

I am a member of the Artist Association of the Czech Republic (CZ).

With humility, and thanks to God, I accept the gift of creativity. Through my works I would like to present this creativity to you, who stopped at these pages.

Thank you for your interest and for your time.

Light to all beings!

Dana Gregorová